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The chicken of the north! This tasty fish is found in abundance at all of our outpost camps. Bottom bouncers, jigs tipped with a worm or crank baits will keep you busy with these golden beauties. No problems here catching enough for a shore lunch! There are many stories of 100 fish per day with the only complaint being catching fish small enough to meet the slot size. Have fun guys, but remember if you get bored catching eyes we have other species!


“The wolf of the water” and these dogs get big! All of our camps have the toothy beasts, if you find the walleye the pike will follow. Trolling spoons, casting plastics or spinnerbaits could land you the trophy of a lifetime. The potential for 40 inch plus fish is very real with numerous fish over 10 pounds being caught each year. Although rare, fish approaching 50 inches and 30 pounds are caught every year.

Brook Trout

Salvelinus Fontinalis or “Char Of The Springs” are by far the prettiest fish in the north. Fly fish or cast a spinner for these elusive beauties. Select outposts have brookies in the fast water of the rivers. They can be hard to find in the dead of summer, but if you can find the cold springs the trout will be thick and worth the effort. Be kind folks, single barbless hooks only and please practise catch and release! Trout in the 12 inch range are common, however fish in the 18 to 24 inch range are caught annually.


“The humpback” might be the most overlooked sport fish in the north, but they sure are fun to catch! These silver rockets can be taken by fly during the may fly hatch or with a small spinner or spoon during the fall spawn. They are more difficult to find in the dead of summer, but they can be targeted in the deeper lake basins with compact heavy jigging spoons. Did I mention they are tasty in the smoker?


All of our lakes have abundant perch – they are the primary forage fish for the walleye! We have one camp in particular where jumbo sized perch exist in good numbers, fat fish in the 12-15 inch range. Beyond being incredibly tasty they often provide a fun diversion especially for younger anglers!