Two Mile Lake

This isn’t so much a lake, but more a widening of the Little Current River. Don’t let the name fool you, there is 6 miles of fishable river here! Another unique feature is the camp is accessible by road and trail which makes for a true bargain fishing adventure. This six person camp is situated on a bluff overlooking a gorgeous sand and pebble beach with stunning sunsets on the horizon. Easy access and amazing fishing, this place has it all. Crazy numbers of walleye, toothy northerns, perch, whitefish and brook trout downstream in a set of breathtaking rapids and waterfalls. It’s truly magical. The camp is a rustic 6 bed affair with propane fridge, stove and lighting along with a generator for other amenities. A shower and sauna house is coming soon, hopefully for June 2018. Two Mile has three 14 foot aluminum boats powered by 9.9 motors.


Groups of 2-3, 7 days
$750 Cdn tax inc

Groups of 4-6, 7 days
$675 Cdn tax inc

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Ogoki River/Lake

Fly into the world famous Ogoki! This 6 person camp is located just upstream from massive and fish filled Ogoki Lake. It’s uniquely situated to allow the best of both worlds: river and lake together. A common problem with the lake is its size and wind swelling waves from 4 to 6 feet. This camp gives you the shelter of the river on those windy days. Fish the river and the lake for trophy walleye and pike or take an adventure upstream and fish the rapids and cold springs for bruiser brookies. Trout in the Ogoki can be hard to find, but the potential for a trophy is very real! Fish up to 9 pounds historically, this river is famed going back to the birth of the float plane. The camp is a rustic 6 bed cabin on a level lot powered by a propane fridge, stove and lighting, and a generator for other amenities. Sauna and shower coming soon! Ogoki is equipped with two 16 foot aluminum boats powered by 20hp motors for the big lake, plus two 14 foot boats equipped with 9.9hp motors for upstream travel.


Groups of 2-3, 7 days
$1465 Cdn tax inc

Groups of 4-6, 7 days
$1155 Cdn tax inc

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Balson Lake

Brook trout and big bulls! Balson is a small lake crawling with moose and a healthy population of pike and walleye to keep your bellies full. Head downstream from Balson to the famous Dusey river for brook trout or head even further to Dusey lake for more walleye and pike. The opportunity to explore here is endless! This is an 8 person camp equipped with a propane stove and fridge with a generator on site. 14 foot boats and 9.9hp motors are available for travel with a canoe on site for river travel. For the moose hunters this location is a dream come true!


Groups of 2-3, 7 days
$1695 Cdn tax inc

Groups of 4-6, 7 days
$1445 Cdn tax inc

Groups of 7-8, 7 days
$1355 Cdn tax inc

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$200 deposit due within two weeks of booking for all fishing packages, 5 and 3 day packages available at some camps call for details.

More camps coming soon!

What to Bring

  • food and drinks
  • fishing gear
  • toilet paper
  • bug spray and mosquito coils
  • Sun tan lotion
  • flashlight
  • personal medication and hygiene products
  • paper towel
  • camera
  • sleeping bag and pillow
  • proper sized pfd ( lifejacket)
  • first aid kit
  • garbage and Ziploc bags
  • fillet knife
  • landing net
  • matches and lighters
  • compass
  • Fishing license

Pack economically, over weight charges apply.

What We Supply

  • propane fridge, stove and lighting
  • generator
  • dishes, utensils, pots, pans and cups
  • coffee maker
  • barbeque
  • beds
  • furnishings, table, chairs, picnic table
  • fuel, gasoline and propane
  • spare outboard motor
  • boat safety kit
  • paddles
  • firewood, one cord per group
  • wood stove
  • outdoor chairs
  • extra pfd’s
  • tool kit
  • axe and hatchet
  • cleaning supplies

Camp Policies

We stress that everyone come prepared with proper boat safety training required in their home state or province, know your limitations on the water it can be dangerous.

  • Be properly licensed and know the regulations on limits and slot size
  • Hunters be aware of regulations, W.M.U. boundaries and safety practices.
  • Please do not clean fish on the boat, on shore or at camp.
  • please keep the camp clean as possible, rebates available for clean clients
  • Garbage should be limited and bagged, food waste and grease should be buried or burned to prevent bear encounters.
  • Please pack appropriate clothing and rain gear, temps can fluctuate greatly.
  • No operating boats under the influence, the same rules apply here as they do in your car. Please be safe and drink responsibly.
  • Enjoy fish for a meal but please practice good conservation and catch and release when possible.